Sexual and Reproductive Health

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Improving the sexual and reproductive health of people who use drugs

The Sexual and Reproductive Health (S&RH) project was launched with the support of Scottish Government funding, through the Blood Borne Virus and Sexual Health Framework, in March 2012, and aims to improve the sexual and reproductive health of people who use drugs.

The Framework highlights the need for drug and alcohol staff to feel confident and skilled to discuss sexual health issues and that sexual health staff must feel confident and skilled in specific issues for people with drug and alcohol problems.

The focus of SDF’s S&RH project has been on providing training, learning and information opportunities for drug service and sexual health workers on each other’s area of work.

The first phase of the initiative (2012 – 2015) was very successful with over 1000 workers trained in sexual and reproductive health and drug issues. During this phase, the service also developed a strategic approach with Alcohol and Drug Partnerships and Managed Care Networks to widen the scope of the work and engender a consistent and comprehensive programme across all relevant services.

The project is now in its second phase as of April 2015 and specific areas of work include:


Training on S&RH and drug and alcohol use

– The project continues to offer S&RH training across Scotland to those working in both the drug and alcohol and sexual and reproductive health fields. The project also aims to improve the skills, knowledge and confidence in relation to sexual health for vulnerable groups; including women who have experienced domestic violence and looked after and accommodated children and young people, especially those at risk of sexual exploitation.


Improving the sexual and reproductive health needs of people at risk of involvement with the criminal justice system

The project achieves this through working with Autism Network Scotland and Common Knowledge UK. A smart device app is currently being developed with these organisations to help people with decisions around safe sex, consent, etc.


Reduce risk of infection with HIV and other blood-borne viruses and sexually transmitted infections for people involved in Chemsex, primarily men who have sex with men

SDF has been building partnerships with NHS Boards, Hepatitis Scotland, HIV Scotland, Waverley Care and Terrence Higgins Trust to gain an understanding of this issue and develop appropriate training for staff.

If you would like to enquire about forthcoming training courses for you or your organisation or to enquire about tailored training to your organisation’s needs, then please get in touch at adrienne(at)