Scottish Needle Exchange Workers Forum (SNEWF)

Supporting workers directly involved in Injecting Equipment Provision (IEP) across Scotland

The Scottish Needle Exchange Workers Forum (SNEWF) was set up by SDF in 1990, and managed by SDF since then, and is attended by people who work or manage frontline needle exchange services.  

The aims of the forum are to provide opportunities to: 

  • Share good practice or discuss challenges  
  • Build relationships and get support from your peers  
  • Influence policy and practice development across Scotland  
  • Share the evidence base for harm reduction services 
  • Hear guest speakers talk about themes (agreed in advance)  

Membership is free and meetings are held 3 times per year.  

Click To view or download Injecting Equipment Provision in Scotland, Good practise guide

Click to view or download National Wound Care Guide

If you would like more information on SNEWF, and/or would like to take part, you can download the SNEWF information booklet or get in touch with Lynn Couper at