Unlocking Recovery – Recovery Orientated Systems of Care (ROSC)

A Recovery Orientated System of Care (ROSC) is a network of formal and informal services developed to initiate and maintain recovery for individuals and families impacted by problem alcohol and drug use.

This training will look at the key principles of ROSC and how it can be effectively adopted, developed and supported by services to improve outcomes for people who use their services.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • recognise the role and responsibility of the service in a Recovery Orientated System of Care
  • explain the key components of recovery capital necessary to initiate and sustain recovery, and the service’s role in contributing to mobilising its development
  • appreciate the importance of person-centred planning in recovery management within their service and how this is aligned to the Quality Principles
  • evaluate how. as a practitioner and as a service. they are adapting to ROSC-consistent practice in the care of people affected by problematic alcohol and other drug use
  • develop a personal improvement plan on how they intend to build on their strengths in a ROSC following a critical reflection on current practice within the context of their own service.

Aimed At

Practitioners delivering services whose role involves supporting people who have experienced problem alcohol and other drug use.


Commissioned – please contact Richard Bloodworth (richardb@sdf.org.uk) for more information.


Two days