Enhanced Alcohol Awareness – Working with the Over 50s

An in-depth look at alcohol in the over 50s with a view on how to recognise and respond to this, underpinning both theory and practice.

This training is designed for individuals/practitioners who directly support individuals who are over 50 and who are affected by alcohol use. It is expected that participants attending this course will have an understanding of alcohol/drug use and its impact.

Participants will examine and consider alcohol use in the over 50s including how to recognise and respond to this appropriately. This session will ask participants to consider how to recognise alcohol use in the over 50s who access services. The session is theoretically underpinned by Zinberg’s Drug, Set and Setting model and will consider life transitions and changes the over 50s population may encounter and the ways in which alcohol can feature in this.

Participants will practise how to respond appropriately to alcohol in the over 50s by considering and practising effective communication skills, and by considering the ways in which services can adapt in order to meet the needs of the over 50s. Participants will also be given the opportunity to share resources and will be provided with signposting options.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the session participants will be able to:

  • explore the reasons as to how, and why, they are at increased risk of alcohol use, and potential alcohol -related harm in later life
  • identify alcohol use in over 50s. and consider ways in which alcohol may impact on their lives
  • consider the ways in which to respond to alcohol use in the over 50s with whom you come in contact
  • reflect on your own confidence and skill-base in relation to over 50s and identifying alcohol use and/or potential alcohol relate

Aimed At

This course is aimed at staff who engage directly with over 50s who consume alcohol problematically. It is expected people attending this course have alcohol awareness knowledge, but who may require more age-specific information.


Free within City of Glasgow, please contact Catherine Forrest at catf@sdf.org.uk to register interest.


Two days