Tayside’s new police commander believes ‘You can’t arrest your way out of drugs death problem’

Tayside’s new police commander, Chief Superintendent Andrew Todd, has made reducing drugs deaths his top priority, according to the Courier newspaper.

Mr Todd said: “For us, the number one stand out issue just now is drugs deaths. It causes a tremendous amount of harm to the community, a tremendous amount of harm to family and friends when we have got a drugs death within our community, be that Dundee, Angus or Perth and Kinross areas. They happen all over. We have too many.”

This year the Dundee Drugs Commission was set up to address the rising toll of drug-related deaths in the area, and Mr Todd said the force was focused on aiding the multi-agency response.

He said: “It is definitely for the local authority, education, health, the police to contribute our own skill sets to that problem.

“Enforcement is part of that, absolutely. I’m not saying that it’s not but you can’t arrest your way out of that problem. You need to look at it more holistically but enforcement is a key priority.”