SDF’s Training Available in Greater Glasgow and Clyde

23 March 2022

Adaptability has been key to the continued delivery of the wide range of courses offered by SDF. Remote working and changeable working patterns have proved to be a challenge for all sectors and workers.

The continuation of SDF’s Workforce Development Programme in Greater Glasgow and Clyde provides an opportunity to gain up-to-date information and a refreshed perspective of the drug and alcohol field.

The objective of SDF’s Workforce Development Programme is to help maintain and progress a knowledgeable frontline of service workers offering a person-centred approach, as well as providing a wider knowledge base within communities.

Under the threat of disconnection, service workers, volunteers and organisations in the drug and alcohol field required a way of communicating with one another and continuing to learn and upskill within an ever-changing environment.

SDF’s Workforce Development training team adapted and expanded to institute an online delivery of courses, available to service workers throughout Greater Glasgow and Clyde. Over 850 participants have completed training courses with SDF since last April.

Lara Calder, Health Improvement Lead at Glasgow Health and Social Care Partnership said:

“The range and content of courses has demonstrated an understanding of key demographic information relevant to Glasgow. SDF use culturally appropriate approaches in their training courses and consider how this will influence service delivery when staff are working within areas of the poorest health and wellbeing.”

Participants come from a wide range of services including voluntary organisations, police and ambulance services, NHS, social work, criminal justice, home care staff and substance use services.

Effective communication and engagement can prove vital in creating cohesive partnerships and reaching relevant stakeholders within these services.

Ms. Calder described:

“SDF rapidly developed a full range of interactive online training courses to replace the traditional face-to-face delivery. Advanced marketing strategies have been employed to generate course interest and participant numbers.”

Courses for those who work in Glasgow City include Online Benzodiazepine Awareness, Online Alcohol Awareness, and a new Supporting Mental Health and Substance Use course that was developed and introduced at the end of 2021.

It is crucial that the workforce within the drug and alcohol field feel confident, informed, and well-equipped to be delivering their service to the best of their ability.

Ms. Calder said, “When staff have the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge, they will feel empowered to do their job confidently.”

SDF also offers courses to those outside of Glasgow.

Find the full range of courses here.