SDF receives new funding for work on blood borne viruses and sexual health

After a tendering exercise, Scottish Drugs Forum has secured three year funding from Scottish Government to focus on key projects around viral hepatitis, HIV and sexual health for vulnerable populations.  This will extend the range of work currently undertaken by Scottish Drugs Forum under the banners of Hepatitis Scotland and SDF’s Sexual and Reproductive Health project.

The new projects will involve the development and delivery of training, capacity building and supporting local networks and primarily focus on vulnerable groups, including people who inject drugs, young people, men who have sex with men, people involved in prostitution and people who use image and performance enhancing drugs.

SDF CEO David Liddell said “This funding will allow us to continue to build on the many years of good work done by both Hepatitis Scotland and SDF’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Project.

“It is clear from the networks and partnerships which have developed around the BBV and sexual health work that there are groups with particular vulnerabilities that demand focussed work.  Scottish Government have been quick to recognise this need and this funding will help to address emerging issues in particular  groups e.g. the HIV outbreak in people who inject drugs and BBV issues related to chemsex among men who have sex with men,  IPED users affected by BBVs and sexually transmitted infections.

“I am pleased also that there is recognition of the particular vulnerability of some young people, especially those who are care leavers or who are affected by homelessness. Many of these groups were identified in our research on new psychoactive use in 2016 and we will be building on the networks established for that work.”

The work is due to commence in Spring 2018 and more details will be available soon