Funding Available for ‘Grassroots’ Non-Profit Organisations

14 April 2022

Small and medium-sized non-profit organisations are being offered support in applying for new funds.

SDF’s Local Support Fund team, in conjunction with Corra Foundation, supports small and medium-sized non-profit organisations access two available funds.

Organisations working with people experiencing problem drug use may be eligible to apply for the Local Support Fund or Micro Grants.

The Local Support Fund and Micro Grants were launched in July 2021 by the Scottish Government to support a wide range of community and grassroots organisations to help deliver the aims of the National Drugs Mission – to prevent drug-related harm to people who use drugs and support people who have or have had a drug problem to make progress in their lives.

Invitation to take part in a survey

To ensure these funds are reaching the places where they can make a real difference, SDF’s Local Support Fund team have launched an online survey. This survey can help your organisation identify whether you could access the funds. The survey will allow the Local Support Fund team to provide the support and advice organisations may need in accessing the funds.

Potential recipients of the funding –  grassroots organisations working with people who are or have been affected by problem drug use – are invited to complete the survey below:

The work of SDF’s Local Support Fund Team

The team will meet with organisations to discuss future plans and proposals and work out where support could be of most use.

Local Support Fund Manager, Gwen Harrison explains:

“Our support to organisations can include proofreading applications and offering feedback, helping to review and strengthen governance within an organisation, and providing assistance with their overall strategy and business planning.

“As a new team, we expect to develop and deliver some wider workshop opportunities as we become more informed of the needs of the organisations who are looking to access the funding. The results of this survey along with our continuing interaction with these organisations will allow us to best direct our support to the most relevant places.”