SDF Webinar – Providing emergency help to someone having an overdose: your experiences

Online Event

Friday 20 May 2022 
1.00pm – 2.15pm

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An SDF survey of people who have acted to help people who have overdosed shows that people have immediate and ongoing support needs and how these are currently met. This webinar shares the survey findings and explores implications for policy and practice.

Chair: Kirsten Horsburgh – Strategy Coordinator, Drug Death Prevention, SDF

Speakers include:

  • Martin Anderson – Researcher – Scottish Drugs Forum
  • Julie McCartney, Mary Munro and Lauren Sloey – Scottish Ambulance Service
  • Chief Inspector Anton Stevenson – Police Scotland
  • Hannah Robertson-Newman – Simon Community Scotland

The above speakers will also form a panel along with Suzanne Gallagher – Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs and KerryAnn Colquhoun – Training and Development Officer, Drug Death Prevention, SDF

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Frequently Asked Questions

What platform are  events held on?
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Can I get a copy of the presentation slides?
Presentations will be recorded and published on the SDF YouTube Channel after the event.