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Louise Bowman

Louise Bowman

National Training and Development Officer, Harm Reduction, Blood-Borne Viruses and Sexual Health

Louise moved to SDF Harm Reduction, Sexual Health, and Blood-Borne Viruses team which was formed in 2018 to improve the sexual health of marginalised group. Louise focuses on women, vulnerable young people and people who inject drugs including steroids. In this role she designs and delivers training, undertakes research, and implements tests of change.

Louise joined SDF in 2015 where she lead peer research projects based in Fife and has considerable experience as a researcher in the substance field, previously for Fife Alcohol & Drug Partnership (formerly Fife DAAT from 2008).

Louise has been involved in setting up special initiatives in Fife such as same day prescribing, cervical smears, dental access, phone initiatives, and a variety lockdown crisis and engagement interventions. In addition, lived/living experience run projects such as recovery cafes, health events, social activities, and women’s spaces.

She holds a degree in media and cultural studies with psychology and sociology, with special interest areas in youth culture, music subcultures, drug trends, group behaviours, brain development, substance use in pregnancy, gender-based violence, preventing childhood exploitation and reducing drug related deaths.