Injecting NPS advice resource

Injecting any drug, including NPS, can be the most dangerous way of taking it.  There is a greater risk of overdose.  Injectors can develop abscesses, ulcers, infections as well as blood borne viruses like hepatitis and HIV.


Scottish Drugs Forum in conjunction with NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde and Frontier Medical have created a new advice booklet for people injecting New Psychoative Substances (NPS).  The guide is intended to inform people of the risks associated with injecting NPS, drugs commonly called legal highs, or any unidentified white powders.  

Printed booklets are free to access in Greater Glasgow and Clyde, please contact for more information.  

We have also created a free to download e-booklet which you can download here.... 

If you want to order printed copies for outside GGC, contact


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