MAT Standards Consultation Workshops

The consultation on the implementation of the ten new Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Standards for Scotland was launched at an online event on Friday the 20th of November.

The term MAT is used to refer to the use of medication, such as opioids, together with any psychological and social support, in the treatment and care of individuals who experience problems with their drug use.

A document which contains further information on the MAT Standards is available here.

As part of the consultation various workshops are being held to discuss the MAT Standards and their implementation.

MAT Standards 1-5 Workshops

SDF are hosting workshops to discuss the first five MAT Standards and their implementation.

The first five MAT Standards are;

  1. People have the option to start MAT from the same day of presentation.
  2. People are supported to make an informed choice on what medication to use for MAT and the most appropriate dose.
  3. People (in or out of drug treatment) at high risk of drug-related harm are identified, prioritised, contacted and offered support to commence or continue MAT or other treatment.
  4. People can access evidence-based harm reduction at the point of MAT delivery.
  5. People receive support to remain in treatment for as long as requested.

Click here to view all stakeholders workshop dates and sign up to attend a workshop.

We will also be hosting clinician focused workshops,  click here to view workshop dates and to sign up to attend a clinician workshop.

MAT Standards 6-10 Workshops

For MAT Standards 6-10, each Standard has dedicated workshops where the individual Standard and its implementation will be discussed. Click on a Standard below to find out when workshops are scheduled and to sign up to attend.

Standard 6: The system that provides MAT is psychologically and trauma informed (Tier 1); routinely delivers evidence based low intensity psychosocial interventions (Tier 2); and supports the development of social networks

Workshops facilitated by:

  • Dr Greg Coull,  Psychologist, NHS Borders
  • Dr Peter Littlewood,  Lead Psychologist, LPASS
  • Dr Isabel Traynor, Psychologist, NHS Fife

Standard 7: All people have the option of MAT shared with Primary Care

Workshops facilitated by:

  • Dr Joe Tay, Royal College of General Practitioners
  • Dr Ewen Stewart, Royal College of General Practitioners

Standard 8: All people have access to advocacy and support for housing, welfare and income needs

Workshops facilitated by Scott Murphy, Advocacy Worker, Advocard, Edinburgh

Standard 9: All people with co-occurring drug use and mental health difficulties can receive mental health care at the point of MAT delivery

Workshop facilitated by Dr Senoiad Anderson, Consultant Psychiatrist, NHS Grampian

Standard 10: All people receive trauma informed care

Workshops facilitated by:

  • Dr Peter Littlewood, Lead Psychologist, LPASS
  • Dr Laura Mitchell, Psychologist, LPASS

Online Consultation

As part of the consultation on the ten MAT Standards there is also an online survey. To take part in the online survey visit: